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How to Install an Outdoor Playground

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A playground area in your yard can provide your children with a safe, controlled area to play in. What you put in the playground will depend on available space and the ages of your children.
1 Choose suitable equipment for the playground. What you choose will be influenced by the age of the children using it as well as the number of children that will be using it on a regular basis. It may be that a swing set and a slide is all that you need, but for older children you might consider a trampoline or climbing bars. Whatever you choose, be sure that everything is suitable for the age of the kids using it.

2 Select the most appropriate place for the playground. The area will need to be clear of rocks, not near water and ideally within sight of the house. Try to avoid direct sunlight for the playground.

3 Decide where you are going to put each piece of playground equipment. For safety's sake, there will need to be plenty of room around each piece. For instance, around a swing set there needs to be enough space for the swing to move backward and forward as far as it can and then a little more room to allow for children jumping off.

4 Install a soft covering over the area of the playground. Sand or rubber mulch will make for a softer surface to land on than cement or even grass, which can become hard during dry weather.

5 Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter and install the play equipment you have chosen. Make sure that you firmly bury frames to the recommended level and allow at least the recommended clearance around each piece.